Aluminium Cast-in Plate Heaters

Why Cast-in Heaters?

When compared with conventional heaters:
• The cast forms a single body which makes heatings elements surrounded by the melted material (aluminium)
• When the heating elements inside of the casted aluminium are powered up, it heats up the whole body
• Cast-in heaters are massive and solid, thus when it has reached the desired temperature, it keeps the heat homogeniously
• Because of the mass of the cast-in heaters, on/off intervals are much longer than conventional heaters, which makes the cast- in heaters energy saving and extends the life of the heating elements significantly
• Cast-in heaters are machined according to the desired dimensions
• Cast-in heaters can also be manufactured with glass-fiber heat insulation.
• Homogenious heat transfer
• Full surface contact with the heating element
• Longer life
• Heat absorption
• Precise heat control
• Energy Saving
• Optional built-in thermocouple